Outdoor Experiences

The Gift of Gardens and Green Spaces

Reconnecting with the natural world through mindful outdoor garden experiences is healing for both body and mind, and especially helpful as we transition from the pandemic to a new way of living.  Research has shown that being in the natural world has many restorative qualities and promotes health and wellness.  Join Debra as she gently guides you through a soothing, mindful exploration of beautiful gardens and green spaces.  You’ll learn how to counterbalance the effects of excessive time spent indoors and the stress we encounter in our everyday lives. Restoration and rejuvenation awaits. 2 hour experience,  $20.00 per person. Group rates available.

Nurture with Nature 

Parents and children have been greatly impacted by challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. Juggling work, childcare, school, and the everyday needs of a family, has lead to some parents feeling exhausted, out-of-sorts and in need of a break. An increase in the amount of time spent indoors and on screens this past year, has led to a worsening state of mental and physical health for both parents and children. 

You can change that. Experience the restorative difference by joining a Nurture through Nature outdoor talk and walk.  Research has shown that gardens and green spaces have unique qualities that provide benefits for both health and wellness;  Join Debra as she gently guides parents through a mindful outdoor nature experience and learn the steps to deeply reconnect with the natural world while immersed in a gentle exploratory walk. You’ll learn fun techniques and supporting research that every parent can use to promote health and wellness for themselves and their family, while encouraging curiosity and a love for the natural world.  

This program is for parents
2 hour outdoor session
Limit is 12 persons per session, $20 per person
This summer a portion of the proceeds goes directly towards protecting open spaces for parents and children.

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