2023 Garden Programs

There is the option for either an in-person or online program presentation

Tales of a Gardener’s Journey

Simply sit back and relax while you are virtually whisked away to 3 remarkable gardens, each located in a different region of the country. It is a feast for your eyes as you discover the beauty of Teton wildflowers, the festive horticultural sculptures of the south and gorgeous Italian Renaissance gardens of historic New England. We’ll delve into each garden’s special exhibits, architectural landscaping details, historical facts and botanical nuggets. 

Visiting gardens are especially important to us as we move out of the pandemic.  We will discuss the health and wellness benefits each garden offers and share the research that supports those benefits, so you, or your organization can get the most out of your future garden experiences.

The program duration is approximately 45-60 min

Unhidden Gems

Join me, as we saunter through gardens filled with fascinating plants, ideas, and surprising back stories. Come wind down and take a moment to embrace the beauty and significance of these “unhidden gems”. Together we’ll virtually explore the unexpected shapes and colorful blooms of the Great Southwest, visit the compelling plants of the jurassic period and the creatively designed “unhidden”, yet secret gardens found right here in New England. You’ll come away with new knowledge, historical facts, botanical nuggets, and an appreciation for the important and intriguing impacts these gardens have on society and the natural world.

This program is approximately 60 minutes.

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