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Saved by the Garden™
Tales and Tastes of a Gardener’s Journey

Many have asked about the inspiration behind Saved by the Garden, Tales and Tastes of a Gardener’s Journey. It naturally came together after several life-altering events, a joyful remedy and the desire to share the adventure with people like you.

Feeling unlike myself, I took a stress inventory and discovered that I faced a 50% chance of a major health breakdown within the next two years. That realization grabbed my attention quickly. With a family to care for, a career and other commitments and responsibilities, I knew it was important to neutralize the stress. But how?

As a life-long gardener, I’ve long had a passion for being out-of-doors and amongst nature. After those life-changing events mentioned earlier, the feeling went from passion to an overwhelming desire to venture out and explore garden spaces, and here is something worth noting; I craved garden spaces that required nothing more than to simply be present and in the moment, to enjoy, explore and observe.  The pull was so strong; that I sought out gardens whenever and wherever I could, chronicling each one.

Thus began a joyful, restorative adventure through both public and private gardens throughout the U.S. and inspired the keystone program “Saved by the Garden:  Tales and Tastes of a Gardener’s Journey”. 

As a program participant, you will experience virtual, rewarding strolls through remarkable public and private gardens throughout the United States and beyond.  You will view breathtaking gardens and learn about their special features and surprising exhibits.  You’ll hear some unexpected tales, and history along with each garden’s therapeutic and restorative benefits and the science behind them.  To add to the experience, you’ll have the opportunity to sample fresh tastes and specialty drinks inspired by some of my favorite garden spaces.  

Come share the adventure.


Program duration:  60 minutes
Contact me for program details and fees

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