Saved by the Garden

A joyful adventure inspired by life-changing events, Saved by the Garden speaker programs virtually whisk you off to remarkable gardens throughout the United States and beyond. Each presentation focuses on the gardens’ unique beauty, design elements, and their physical & mental health benefits.

Labadee Haiti

Saved by the Garden: Tales and Tastes of a Gardener’s Journey

Is a presentation that includes an array of breathtaking gardens each highlighted for their unique characteristics and special exhibits that not only delight the eye but share the gift of supporting health and wellness.

I’ll share with you anecdotes, historical facts,
tastes and speciality drinks inspired by the garden.

You will discover each garden’s special features and surprising exhibits that fuel inspiration.

Together we will uncover the therapeutic and restorative benefits found in each garden and discuss the supporting science so you can get the most out of your garden experience.

Kudo’s from others:

Inspiring, enlightening, educational and unique, thank you! Sandra D

I enjoyed seeing the beautiful photography, hearing the stories behind the places, the botanical details as well as the science behind all the aspects of being in nature. You are a very engaging speaker and tying everything to your own experiences gave the whole presentation a very personal and relatable touch. Had you been here in person today versus Zoom, I would have loved to continue the discussion over a cup of tea after your presentation! Ingrid D

We are giving you a standing ovation via Zoom! Hilary B

I just finished watching your wonderful presentation via Zoom and was so inspired by your messages, your journey really resonated with me, thank you. Megan R.

“I’ve always felt that

having a garden

is like having a good

and loyal friend”. C.Z. Quest