Saved by the Garden

A joyful adventure inspired by life-changing events,
Saved by the Garden speaker programs virtually whisk you off to remarkable gardens throughout the United States and beyond. Each presentation focuses on the gardens’ unique beauty, design elements, and their physical & mental health benefits.

Labadee Haiti

Saved by the Garden: Garden Journeys

A feast for the eyes, presentations include an array of breathtaking gardens. Each is highlighted for their unique characteristics and special exhibits that delight the eye and share the gift of supporting health and wellness.

It’s so much more than a virtual presentation, it’s an engaging, virtual getaway.

Susan H.

Indulge your curiosity as you explore each garden’s special features and unique history. Discover fun facts and details that you can share with family and friends.

Gardens are truly captivating spaces.  They are full of beauty, life and wonder, and provide benefits for health and wellness.  Incorporated into each presentation, are the supporting scientific facts behind those benefits, so you can maximize your garden experience.

“I’ve always felt that

having a garden

is like having a good

and loyal friend”. C.Z. Quest

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